Q: What would you like to see in the future as far as Kids' Care is concerned?

A: I'd like to do more on a larger scale. I'd like to expand Kids' Care into other locations. I would like Kids' Care to reach people in other cities, states and countries. As of today, we do have another Kids' Care branch in Beaumont, Texas.

Q: How has it been working with your sister?

A: It's nice to work with Cambel because we can bounce ideas off of each other to make final decisions.

Q: Do you feel that it important for young people to be involved in their community?

A: I think that it is important because we are going to be taking care of the world some day.

Q: What has been your most memorable experience with Kids' Care?

A: I like doing the Mission Showers. It's nice to see people come to donate items. As the day goes, the donations build up. And then we go to donate those donations to two homeless shelters.

Q: What would you like to say to your community?

A: Thank you to those who have helped us. For those who have not heard of us, know that we are a good and legit organization that works to help others.


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Q: What has been your most memorable experience with Kids' Care?

A: I love the Christmas Caroling For A Cause. We collect for children that are thousands of miles away in Haiti.

Q: How did this organization get started?

A: It started when I was six and my sister was eight. We saw what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. We asked our friends to write letters to the kids and parents that were still alive. From that point, we started Kids' Care.

Q: What other initiatives would you like to see with Kids' Care?

A: I would like to do more things like sending letters to those in the military, or building our own homeless shelter. I want us to also reach out to those who are not in need of money, food, or shelter, but would just like a letter telling them to have a good day. I would like to do things for the teachers like leave flowers or an apple on their desks to honor them so that they know that they are appreciated.

Q: What would you like to say your community?

A: I would like to say, “Thank you to my community!” We all have things to donate. If you have something to donate, you don't have to donate it to Kids' Care... at least donate.

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TAWANA, Co-Founders' Mom

I am amazed at the hearts of my girls. They continually try to come up with ideas on just how to help enhance the lives of others. Since they were very little, they have showed Compassion in Action. They even joyfully stepped in to help care for my late mother when she unexpectedly became ill.

I, too, pray that Kids' Care can expand around the world. The goal is to encourage kids to care. Whether it's making sure to check on aging or disabled neighbors, reading to the blind, giving someone who lives alone a smile and a wave, or helping spread awareness about Rhett Syndrome and pediatric cancer, there is something that we all can do.

Kids' Care has been successful because of the support of our neighbors, community, family, and friends. Donations of PB&J, water, cleaning supplies, clothing, school supplies have reached countless citizens in need because of the parents and children in our community that have shared.

We will continue to touch as many lives as we possibly can. Kelsey and Cambel are constantly trying to think of other ways to share Compassion in Action. I can't wait to hear what's next!