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Founded by Sisters, SERVING THE WORLD

Compassion in action

Kelsey & Cambel's Kids' Care, Inc. is a non-profit founded on December 14, 2012 by two little girls - sisters to be exact - to encourage kids to get involved by supporting others, bringing forth awareness, and contributing to their communities and beyond.


The Beginning

In 2012 after the deadly mas shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, two little sisters - ages six and eight - felt compelled to do something. They engaged in a well thought-out discussion while riding in the back seat of my truck. Although they couldn’t comprehend all of the devastation, they decided that they would ask their friends to write letters to the families whose children died in Newtown. They felt that their voices needed to be heard, and that adults should know that children care, too. They decided to name their organization Kids’ Care. With that big decision made, Kelsey & Cambel’s (KC) Kids’ Care, Inc. was founded. Ever since, those sisters - with the support and participation of friends of all ages and the wider community - have shared Compassion in Action throughout the United States and globally.

- Tawana Walter-Cadien, Kelsey & Cambel's Mom



On September 24, 2015, KC Kids' Care, Inc. was recognized at The Dorcas Awards for The Mission of Yahweh.



They were honored for their volunteer service to the homeless shelter, which has served women and children since 1961.



Kelsey & Cambel want you to know:



“When you walk in, you see a man asking for money. He looked homeless. What should you do? Should you give the man what he desires? 'Help the homeless' ran through my mind. Then 'Show kindness to all people' ran through my mind. So I helped the man by giving him money.”

Kelsey, at 8 years old
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